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wait_for_you's Journal

booty free till marriage
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In a world so lost/
I will wait for the one He has for me/
In a world so lost/
I will wait for you...

(That above...is from part of a poem I *shypoet* wrote. I get my inspiration from many things, and in that poem, I was thinking of a song from Rebecca St. James. Anyway, it's not copywrited or anything. But if you want to see the whole poem, it's in my poetry notebook somewhere. Just comment or whatever. And, if you do post it somewhere, at least give some credit)

-This is a community focusing on keeping Him first in our relationships...
-This is a community about seeking "passion and purity..."
-This is a community if you have made a promise (or a new promise) to Christ

-This is a community where we say, even if the world will say differently, it is cool to stay "booty free till marriage."

I also would like to note that this community is open to everyone, all that I ask is that we all respect everyone. If you give respect, you'll get it. Keep in mind though that the second something inappropriate is posted here, I will have NO problems deleting the thread.

For your privacy, community entries are now 'friends only'

Please note the rules:

*Know that this community is moderated. Anyone attempting to post inappropriate stuff in here will be banned asap...and their thread will be deleted

*Be Kind

*Be Christlike

You may talk about anything here (Unless it relates to rule #1) pertaining to the relationship you have with your boy/girl friend, advice, or simply type prayer requests.

This community is moderated and maintained by shypoet If you need anything, or have any questions, talk to her =)