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October 2007



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Sep. 26th, 2006



(no subject)

Aughhh... major update time.

In June I wrote that i had a boyfriend, well on August 8th I broke up with him. We did not have sex but as for everything else well, no comment. You get the idea. I screwed up bad. I think the first red flag shoudl have been our differing reasons for not wanting to have sex. He was all "I don't want babies"... stupid. Plus when I was like "hey let's not do this" he'd respect me for .000045 seconds then it would happen anyway. I can't come away blameless as I lacked self control and gave in to things but the bottom line is that he failed to respect me in many many ways. I knew that the best thing to do is get out of the relationship so I did. We are still friends though, although he is very busy with accounting stuff so we don't see each other much but we still talk on the phone.

To be honest with you all there are days when I still feel gross and unclean and just nasty and oh man are the memories of things that I did vivid. I wish I could erase those. Stupid five senses and all. Anyway I know that God forgives me but I wish that it was easier to forgive myself. Today marks the day that me and the ex have been broken up for longer than the duration of the relationship so I guess that's good... I dunno. But just figured I owed an update.

Sep. 22nd, 2006


(no subject)

How is everyone doing? No one has posted in a while. Well, Josh and I are fine, we have the net at home now :)

We've also been reading the power of a praying wife/husband so that we can pray for each other better. The books are very good

Jul. 11th, 2006


(no subject)

I've been seeing babies everywhere. *sigh*

someday soon... *tells self: be patient, God has a purpose for delaying my being pregnant*

Jun. 26th, 2006


(no subject)

Hi everyone,
Long time, no post. Josh and I are fine...we do not have the internet at home, which is why I can't post here much. Currently, we are in south florida visiting his family. Not much else is new. I hope you all are doing well.

community mod/creator,

Jun. 24th, 2006



(no subject)

Hi! So since I have a boyfriend now I figured I should post in here. Please keep my relationship in your prayers :) Honestly I am kind of nervous because he's older and I hope that doesn't mean he wants to go farther than I would want to, and I'm kinda nervous about asking him where his stand is on that whole issue.

Jun. 13th, 2006

breezy diamond sky


(no subject)

I need some encouragement people, I really need it. Being 22 and a virgin is hard. I don't know when I am getting married, it could be ten or fifteen years from now. Do I want to remain a virgin for that long? Oh man....plus, desires.
Desires Desires Desires. They are so strong. I have to will myself not to think the wrong thoughts, not to look at things that I shouldn't look at, not to masturbate.... I could go out and find a guy to take care of my problem for me, and I have had chances to, but something keeps holding me back. Just when I think that I am going to go out and get myself a guy, something stops me. I think about that special someone, whoever he is. I think about being able to tell him that I saved my most precious gift for him. I think about not having to worry about pregnancy or diseases. But it's still hard. Pray for me.

Apr. 15th, 2006



I haven't posted in this journal for a long time. So I figure I'll update everyone -

Jesus brought me together with an amazing man about 6 months ago. A little over a month ago we got engaged. Our wedding is in July. That might sound like we're moving really fast, but I think it's God's timing for us. I think it's good to get married more on the soon side because it makes it easier to "wait for you." It's definetly a battle.

Anyone who's married like to share where their boundries where while they were engaged and share how they were successful or unsuccessful? That would be great.

Apr. 14th, 2006



(no subject)

My friend and I have been working our cute little bunny tails off trying to open this site before Easter. Right now it's small and ALL WE NEED IS YOU. That's not true, we WANT you - but we need your prayers. We need God most of all to bless this mini-ministry and allow us to reach out to the women and girls around us!

Apr. 11th, 2006

its me!!


(no subject)

I joined this community because I wanted to be able to be encouraged by other people in Christian relationships. One question I have to ask everyone though is how do you make God the center of your relationship? I don't want to do devotions because I don't want to get that close spiritually with another person until I'm engaged and right now he lives in Colorado and I'm in California. Any ideas? I'm open to anything right now.


(no subject)

Have any of you read the 5 Love Languages? I am reading that right now. It's pretty good so far.

One thing that I was thinking about the other day is how dating among married couples is very little. Josh and I always try to go out once a month...On cheap dates...you know starbucks, quiznos...etc. that way, we focus not only on our marriage, but also on our friendship.

I hear all the time from older couples how once the kids come, everything (dating, sex, spending time together away from the kids) goes out the window. Yes, I do know that when you have kids, things do change (as they should), however, I also believe that your kids should grow up seeing that Mom and Dad love each other....therefore, I do believe that dating, sex, and spending time together without the kids should be a major priority not only to your spouce but also to the kids. Because when you have a great friendship and a great marriage, the kids will grow up seeing how a Godly married couple should act.

There is such a thing as grandpa and grandma's house for a night or two you know? If you want a good marriage, I have seen from older married couples that you have to make sex, dating, and time away from the kids a priority...Otherwise, the marriage will suffer.

I'm not an expert (never will I claim to be), this is just my opinion. I really believe that God wants dating, sex, and time away from the kids a factor even after the kids come.

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