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October 2007

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shypoet in wait_for_you

prayer request...

quick update...more like a prayer request

Ok, so Josh and I are trying to make some very important decisions as of right now...here's the short version of what's going on.

God has revealed to us that while we are here right now for a reason, the home we are in is just temporary...as in, someday in the near future, we will move to raise our kids in a home somewhere else.

Josh and I are discouraged about something. Even though we have been here a year, we don't have any friends to hang out with outside of church. If we do want to hang out with a young couple from our church, we are always inviting ourselves over to hang out with them. Even though we have each other to encourage in our spiritual walks, we really feel like sometimes it would just be nice to have other people to connect with. God knows we need friends...but not like this. Friendship works 2 ways, and sometimes it can wear you out always trying to persue a friendship with people that would rather not hang out with you.

Moreover, we have been asking God if we are to move to Huntsville, Alabama, which is about 2 hours from our home. We know that there is an oppertunity for Josh to go to school there to be able to get his degree in counseling in 2 years. If that is God's will for us, we will be selling our home and buying a home there in Huntsville. Not to mention, if that happens, it will be an oppertunity for Josh to make more money than he is making now with his job.

We both are open to this if it is what God wants for us. Please pray for us during this time, and pray that we would really seek God's will and not our own. God's timing is always perfect, and he will let us know what we are to do.