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October 2007

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breezy diamond sky

calcgoddess1183 in wait_for_you

I understand why we are supposed to wait for marriage, and until really recently I was all for it and excited about it and just gung-ho about it.

But, what's a person supposed to do if they have desires, but they don't want to get married, they just want to get laid for the physical part of it? I have decided that marriage is not something that I want to go into. I'm not into submitting, I don't want to be some guy's bitch, I don't like all the togetherness, I don't like how I will have to consult my husband before I make any decisions, and, divorce is too messy. It's too much of a risk. Plus, I can't emotionally connect to a guy; I've never been able to. And, I just don't want to. I've seen people fall in love, and they lose their brains and all sense of logic. I want my feet to stay on the ground.

What's a girl like me supposed to do? Pray for God to take my desires away?


If you don't have the desire for marriage then that's super but I don't want you to think that love is bad and only causes problems. Godly love isn't like that.

As for your sexual desires, that is rough. I imagine we'll always have those desires, whether we choose to be single or not. And Paul did write that if we can't control our sexual desires we ought to marry so that at least we aren't as succeptible to sexual sin.

But if you're called to life as a single, you better believe satan is going to use sex to tempt you away from the life God has planned for you, so yea you're gonna want to pray about it, and find ways to avoid temptation, particularly by focusing on godly things like reading His Word. And having accountability partners and lots of people praying for you. You may think marriage and relationships sound rough, and certainly they have their moments, but the single life isn't exactly a piece of cake.
If God has called you to be alone, that's fine. But also, sex is not something that God wants us to abuse even if many people do abuse His great gift of it. I would ask God if being alone is what He really wants for you. If it is, then I would pray that God would not lead you into that temptation. (Notice that I didn't say you wouldn't be tempted, but that God would lead you from that temptation if you are infact supposed to be alone and not ever be married)

Many people think that not being married is a bad thing. For some people, God has just called to not be married (and I'm not just talking about nuns and preists). If that is what He wants, He will make it clear to you.